misc unsorted stuff that will eventually get into some other pages..

  • “Hell and Back” — dark, creedence-inspired song
  • “Grey Memories” — moody, slow, guitar heavy


  • Small town (Quimby) near lake (Cranby Lake)
  • Mama’s Kitchen (bar & venue) & Mama’s Place (attached hotel)
  • The Muse Bar (greek-themed roadhouse grill)
  • Small domestic airport
  • Clerk: Miranda (sounds like Roz from Monsters Inc)
  • Security: Carl Murdock (sounds oddly like Christopher Walken)
  • Airline Investigator: Brian Murdock (brother of Carl)
  • Sheriff Secretary: Bonnie (fan of Grey Memories)
  • Sheriff: Mike Olson
  • Copilot: Anna Valakas
  • Passenger/Witnesses: Gina & Ryan Bates
  • Monster: Siren (woman with bird head).


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